Ras classification leaders and winners to be clothed in class jerseys

In most sports you are given a jersey but in cycling you earn those jerseys at the end of each stage and at race end.
This year those who earn those jerseys each day and at race end will be presented with a bespoke jersey thanks to the new deal between the Kerry Group Ras Mumhan organisers and VeloRevolution.

Speaking on behalf of the company Adrian Crowley said that “VeloRevolution are thrilled to be working alongside one of the hardest cycling race’s in the country – the Kerry Group Ras Mumhan.
“We want our clothing always to be at the cutting edge of competition, at the front of the peletons and tested to maximum level and effort.
Saying this, clothing each classification leader during the race each day makes perfect sense to us. We wish the best of luck to all riders and safe racing”.

Speaking on behalf of the race organisers Mary Concannon said they were delighted with the collaboration between Ras Mumhan and VeloRevolution.
“Plans are well underway for the 2019 Ras and this deal will see our daily and overall winner getting a specially designed jersey that will be a just reward for their efforts.
The race is always highly competitive and this year will be even more so as the riders vie for the new VeloRevolution / Ras Mumhan jerseys”.

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