Stage 2 Results

Kerry Group Ras Mumhan Stage 2

Wim Bootman from the Midi Centre team in Holland won today’s 140 kilometre stage which finished after three different climbs on top of Molls Gap outside Kenmare. Bootman outsprinted Ryan Sherlock for the M.A.D team from Dublin with Kerry man Paul Griffin in third. Tim Barry from The Edge team in Cork was fourth. These four riders stayed clear of the chasing group of fourteen all the way to the finish. Barry takes the yellow jersey because of his efforts and he was definitely the star of the show today as he was involved in all the crucial moves. He now has a commanding lead of 3m 35s from the stage winner Bootman with Sean Lacey a team mate of Barry’s now third overall.

Tomorrow’s stage is another tough 142 kilometre trip around South Kerry starting and finishing in Waterville and taking in Valencia Island on the way.

Stage Result

  1. W. Bootman              Midi Centre Holland                        3h 26m 37s
  2. R. Sherlock               M.A.D                                     s.t
  3. P.Griffin                     Earl Of Desmond                 s.t


  1. T. Barry                      The Edge Sports Team       5h 40m 18s
  2. W. Bootman              Midi Centre Holland                        @3m 35s
  3. S. Lacey                     The Edge Sports Team       @4m 09s
  4. A. Roche                   Isle of Man                            @4m 44s
  5. N. Delahaye              Usher IRC                             @4m 57s
  6. R. Sherlock               M.A.D                                     @5m 30s


  1. R. Sherlock


1.W. Bootman


1. W. Hann                                   Midi Centre Holland


1. T. Barry

Stage 2 Photos

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